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Europe’s financial turmoil and the impact it could have on the rest of the world are the overriding focus of international financial markets. Will the euro survive? Would its failure spark a deep global recession? How would the fallout affect the United States even the coming presidential election? To understand Europe’s prospects, we must debunk […]

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Many found it quite horrifying that u/ColeArts thought that joking about a severe disease that millions of mothers, fathers, nephews, friends, sisters, and good people die from every year, made for an amusing meme. They also derided his alleged “karma whoring”, for in addition to fabricating a story about a very distressing and serious topic […]

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I do not particularly like McCain, but a Pelosi Reid Obama regime is terrifying in the extreme. Steroid https://www.coatcheapcanadagoose.ca use is a very real problem and a threat to the lives and health of our youngsters and every candidate ought to be concerned. (But then, Obama also supports aborting physically imperfect kids, so what’s the […]

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lifting of stay on ice factory in wildlife sanctuary irks activists cheap canada goose uk On Saturday, July 6 the Carson City Elks Lodge No. 2177 held a Veteran’s fundraiser grilling demonstration with Chef Sparky. Al Bergstrom, Elks cheap canada goose officer and a veteran, chaired the event. “We expected to see an increased https://www.likecheapcanadagoose.com […]

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Except you ought to keep your eyes open here. The kitchen turns out dishes that can be as beautiful as they are delicious. I’m thinking now of pillowy ricotta gnudi strewn with elephant garlic chips and spring finery morels, asparagus, fava beans and slicked with mushroom jus, and four fat scallops, each occupying a quadrant […]

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You know, this isn’t the first time that this administration has tried to discourage people from seeking protection by being cruel and tearing families apart. That didn’t stop people from seeking safety. And so I really don’t see why this would.. MoreEscape for a relaxing weekend break from CorsicaThe stunning island of Corsica is a […]

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In this particular mind set, Europe is seen as the dominant, and it partly fits in with the legacy of the Second World War, the idea that, maybe, we didn’t win the war after all. Maybe the Germans really won. We defeated them on the battlefield, but they defeated us economically and politically by sucking […]