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Can Mesothelioma Ever be Cured? Mesothelioma Survival Rates And Stories

Mesothelioma Survival Rates

The patients of mesothelioma do not survive more than five years. It is their maximum life. The lease life of these patients is one year. This research is done by American Cancer Society.

Survival rates are given with five or one year time to cure and do the treatment. The average survival rates are crossed by people which is amazing.

Mesothelioma Treatment

Expected Life vs. Survival Rate

Survival rate and expectancy in life are both different things. Expected life is based on how many years he would live after his birth. We consider it as an average age. But diseases like mesothelioma can decrease the rate of survival.

Person starts to survive when he encounters with any disease like cancer or any other. The survival starts from then. Doctors prescribe a period when the disease can be diagnosed.  This disease has no defined cure but the rates of survival are very low in comparison with cancer.

Factors affecting Survival Rate

The major factors that affect survival rates are as follows

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Race

The age depends upon the survival rates which ranges for different age groups.

For people age less than 50 have survival rates as 57.2 %.

For ages above 50 to 64 and 65 to 74 have survival rates as 51.2% to 40.9% respectively.

For age above 75 have survival rates as 28.5 %.

Survival rates decrease with the increase in age group.


Males have less survival rates than females. With the passage of time, the female’s survival rate start from 45 % and males survival rate starts from 37 % and after a year t keeps on decreasing in both cases.


White people have more tendency to fight this disease. Their survival rate is higher than the black people. The survival rates of white people start from 39 % and survival rate of black people start from 35 %.

Majorly four types of mesothelioma have been found which originates from cancer and the survival of patient is basically due to the emergence of therapy.

Mesothelioma Stage

The people who diagnose this disease at an early stage are strong and develops cancer at the options to treat cancer limit. Patients who diagnose at early stage are easy to cure in comparison to those who diagnose it at a later stage.

When at stage 1, the survival rate is 22.2 months. At stage 2, the survival rate is 20 months. At stage 3, the survival rate is 17.9 months and at stage 4, the survival rate is 14.9 months.

Histology of Tumor

The predictor is accurate for survival of patients. At a medium stage, it takes around 12 – 24 months to cure epithelioid mesothelioma and it is the best way to cure a patient.

To cure epithelial, it takes around 19 months. To cure biphasic, it takes 13 months. To cure sarcomatoid, it takes around 8 months to cure.

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