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Top 10 Best Listed Structured Settlement Annuity Companies in 2019

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Structured Settlement: –

The settlement is essentially a payment that a defendant is awarded for succeeding a lawsuit. Structured settlements can be described as splitting the rewarded money into specific installments. The settlement enables the beneficiary to get specific fixed money on monthly basis or for a year for a certain time period that can vary from a couple of years to several.

Cash out Choice (Lump Sum money): –

In some instances, people who profit with structured settlements can have the advantage of acquiring an enormous lump sum by selling their whole payments plan or perhaps a few of their amount or a part of their every payment. One can find several businesses that deal with running a business of buying such structured settlements from the sellers. Such businesses are known as “The Structured Settlement Factoring Companies” however in layperson terminology they’re called “Structured Settlement Companies”.

Factoring Discounted Rates: –

The amount that a person obtains in opposition to a structured settlement which is referred to as the lump sum amount is often not greater than the amount of money that you’ll get depending on one’s installments plan. This is mainly because the significance of these payments as opposed to future is quite lesser due to factors such as Interest rates and the Inflation rates. Most of these structured settlement companies employ this money as a form of “factoring Discounted Rate” to your entire settlement money and give you the resting amount.

Structured Settlements Selling Reasons: –

People normally attempting to sell their structured settlement amounts on account of mostly financing difficulties. Many people usually end up in the following circumstances in which they choose to often give up a small amount of their structured settlement or perhaps the entire.

•   Joblessness

•   Health-related concerns

•   Bankruptcy

A person must merely use their structured settlement if they left with no other possibilities. For people who are already in occupancy of a constant source of income, a house to reside or have medical insurance can use their structured settlements to receive a lump sum money to further invest the amount either for their education or in their business. Although, industry professionals recommend that these choices must be made later speaking with your attorney or a financial advisor.

Guidelines to seek out a structured settlement buyer company: –

When you left with no other choice except for selling your structured settlements, you don’t have to be hesitant to search for different alternatives. The discount rate factor which offers you a lump sum amount that you receive against the structured settlement isn’t always alike for all providers. Various companies will provide you with alternative ideas and you ought to opt for the one which befits you beneficial.

One should also give consideration towards the prominence of that selected Structured Settlement Company. It can be confirmed by inquiring the Consumer Protection Agency of your State. This agency will give you in case there happened to be any legal action taken towards that firm or otherwise.

Make sure that you also confirm the employee’s credentials of that particular company.

Do not hesitate to ask the affiliated agencies of the company regarding the credibility of those you’re confronting. Regardless of whether they promise to be the legal representative of the providers or perhaps the Certified Public Accountant of the providers; always look into their accreditation. This verification process can be helpful through your lawyer.

Watch out for the firms that impose for a discount rate of more than 7 percent. There are some providers that may charge a discount rate over to 29% that will cause you to lose a large amount.

Never decide for paying too many charges for nothing. It is your hard earned money at stake, therefore, you should benefit with the best from it.

There are some companies that can offer you their personal lawyers for dealing with your legal representations, never consent to it. Ultimately the lawyer is working with the company so he will probably repute the needs of the company. It is a complexed legal procedure so that hold on to your own personal attorney throughout the process.

Always avoid such companies which will contact you unexpectedly and pressurize you for selling your structured settlement at a lower price versus its real value. These aren’t the ultimate providers for your needs and you’re more fortunate without having them.

A final word of advice; the moment the selling agreement is endorsed, it’s accepted and completed with no terms and conditions can be modified again be certain to take a look that all aspects are in order ahead of the signature’s dotted line.

Companies Listed Top 10: –

For the knowledge and assistance of our readers, a list of top 10 structured settlement companies is gathered and provided below. These are the companies with a higher reputation in the market. Have a look at the following top 10 Companie’s list.

J.G. Wentworth: –


J.G. Wentworth Structured Settlements is listed at the top as of its over 20 years of experience for buying future payments sources. The company has years of expertise for offering the diversified and foremost customer financial services and topped the first rank in Structured Settlement Selling Companies list within States. This company manages the purchasing of mortgage lending, structured settlements, business, and personal loans as well as prepaid cards. Trust Pilot has given four stars to this company as well as an A+ grade from BBB. This is a Pennsylvania based firm which was discovered in the year 1991.

Peachtree Financial Solutions: –


Peachtree Financial Solutions was introduced in 1996 and it is based in Pennsylvania that has assisted a large number of people to achieve their set goals. This company helps to sell structured settlements, winnings of the lottery, different stem-lined amount holders as well as annuities. The company gained its value in the market for its wide-ranging experience and the trusted history in the marketplace. This firm also has an A+ ranking with BBB.

SellMyAnnuity.Net: –


SellMyAnnuity.Net is a Boynton Beach, Florida based company which works as an intermediary between associate people looking for selling their structured settlements, pensions as well as their lottery winnings. This firm additionally helps in offering facilities associated with Personal Injury lawsuits.

ANFED (Annuities Federal bank): –


Annuities Federal bank provides its users with the leading offers for buying structured settlements. The firm, in general, is a unit of the publicly insured company known as Bofl Federal Bank and it carries the purchasing of both limited or whole structured settlements as well as a lottery winning from the late 90s. The firm also provides arioso much other banking servicing.

Stone Street Capital Structured Settlements Review: –

Stone Street Capital

This company holds its position as the oldest purchasing company in the country for structured settlements. The firm is located in Delaware and its headquarter situated in Bethesda, Maryland. This 200 employee’s based company was first started in 1989. The company assists consumers with their ideal services who opt lump sum for their structured settlements, annuity payments, or even for their lottery winnings.

Annuity.org: –


Annuity.org was started in the year 2013 and is an online based academic portal site for providing structured settlements. The providers are as well associate with CBS settlement financing. This firm has to offer articles as well as tools of purchasing and selling of annuity payments and structured settlements. After acquiring the particular understanding you can get yourself cost-free quotes from their associate marketer. Their partner CBS Settlement Funding company was established in 2008 and maintains A+ ranking from BBB.

Fairfield Funding: –


The providers started their work in 2008 and this Atlanta based company specifically specializes in buying annuities and structured settlements. The company might be limited in its activities but it has achieved exceptional client service reviews. Customers have scored their personnel to be thoughtful and persistent. The business has got no bad reviews from the customers and has scored an A+ with BBB.

Liberty Settlement Funding: –


Liberty Settlement Funding was first started in the year 2001 and is based in Florida. The company has prosperous purchasing history which makes this company stand in the list of top 10 structured settlement annuity companies. The emphasis of the company’s services is for buying structured settlements as well as various other wages for delivering the equitable amount of lump sum. The firm additionally manages lottery winnings purchases and annuity payments.

Oasis Financial: –


Oasis Financial is a Rosemont, Illinois based company which known for its purchasing business of the complete structured settlements or even parts of them. This company furthermore focuses primarily on pre-settlement financing when it comes to customers that waiting around for verdicts to be in their aid for statements of Personal Injury matters.

DRB Capital: –


DRB Capital are private providers and is a part of DRB Financial Solutions, LLC. These providers besides purchasing annuity payments and structured settlements on the reasonable discount rate, in addition, offer Pre-settlement funds services. This is a Delray Beach, Florida based business that was started during 2011 and presently consists of 150 employees.

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